Penguin Banana’s


Hey Guys! Today I’m going to show you all how to make these super cute penguin bananas! They are so simple and don’t require much time, or supplies at all. Heres what you will need to make the penguins! :

-1 banana

- Chocolate chips

- A pack of m&m’s (do not get a little fun size pack if you are making more than two penguins. Get the kind that you would usually find when you are waiting in line to pay at the cash register.)

-White yogurt covered raisins (if you can’t find these, you could use white mints instead.)


First, cut your banana in half. I did different size penguins, so you don’t really have to cut it exactly in half if you want to do different sizes as well.

Next, pour all of your m & m’s out of the pack and pull out your orange ones. Now take your knife and split two m&m’s in half. Be careful of your fingers and don’t hold the m&m while doing it. This may take a few tries to split the m&m but I promise you will get it.

Then, heat up your chocolate chips in the microwave for thirty seconds in a microwave safe bowl. You want to put just enough chocolate chips in your bowl so that you are able to dip your banana into it. Take the chocolate out, stir it and stick it back into the microwave. Repeat this process until all of your chocolate chips turn in to liquid. If you prefer, you can also add milk your chocolate to make it taste better.

Now, dip your 1/4 of your banana down into the bowl. Take it out and place it on a plate.

Next, take your white yogurt covered raisins and place the on the banana as the eyes. Now take your m&m half and place it as the nose. (If your eyes and nose are not staying, I would wait until the chocolate is a little less liquidy and then place your eyes and nose on on the banana.

Now, take your other two m&m halves for the feet and dip the chocolate side into your melted chocolate. Now place your two m&m halves as the feet.

Now your are all finished! Enjoy your penguin bananas for a desert or a healthy snack!

- Sarah Margaret ♡




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