Lemonade and Gatorade Layered Drinks

Hey Guys! so these drinks are perfect for a hot summer day and they taste delicious. I used lemonade and gatorade for this but you can substitute them for other sugary drinks.

Steps for making Layered Drinks: 1. First pick out your drinks. I would only recommend using two or three. You need to check how much sugar is in each one. Make sure they all have different amounts of sugar, otherwise the drinks could mix. For the drink on the top, you could have a drink with no sugar. 2.So then, what you want to do is pour your most sugary drink in your cup first. Depending on how many drinks you use, you want to fill it up so you will have room for your other drinks. If you are using lemonade and gatorade, usually lemonade has the most sugar, but check the nutrition facts to make sure. 3. Next, fill your cup 3/4 with ice. The will make sure the drinks wont mix, so you can get a layered effect. 4. Then pour the drink with the next most amount of sugar. If you are doing three drinks, now pour your last drink that has the least amount of sugar. So I hope you guys liked this craft! Thanks for reading!

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- Sarah Margaret ♡

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