Nail Accents


Hey guys! So the other day, I was at my friends house and she had these pretty awesome nail art stickers that are easy to apply and they stay on until you want to take it off. I’ve had mine on for a week now, and they haven’t even chipped. I’ve tried other things like this but they do not stay on long at all and they aren’t twice as cute.

So these nail art stickers are called Jamberrys. They are a little pricey but so worth it. You could all your nails or just an accent nail like I did. You could even do your toes if you wanted. So basically, they come in packs like these:



So what you do is pretty much line your nail up with the sticker that fits. Then you peel the sticker and place it near the blow dryer for a few seconds. Next, you place it on your nail. After that, place the blow dryer near your nail for a few seconds. Then, seal it with a top coat and you are all done!

They have millions of designs to choose from and here are just a few:



If you want you all can go check out their website:

They are so worth and are a great craft to do if you want to make your nails look good!

-Sarah Margaret♡

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